Our adult programs are built for those individuals interested in learning golf the right way.



Want to be part of a movement?  Want long-term training to see the full potential of your game?  Memberships give a lower cost option to our golf training by letting the consistency of learning lead to consistency of results.

$200 Membership fee

Bronze - $180 per month - Two (2) lesson hours per month.

Silver - $300 per month - Four (4) lesson hours per month.

Gold - $480 per month- Eight (8) lesson hours per month 


Full-time training covering putting, short game, full swing and on-course instruction.  Each student will leave the school with a structure to be successful far into the future, a mindset to translate their techniques learned to quality course play, and an objective look at their golf games complete with a GameplayID.

3-day school for maximum 4 people (concurrently) - $1500 per person

4-day school for maximum 4 people (concurrently) - $2000 per person

5-day school for maximum 4 people (concurrently) - $2500 per person



Are you looking to provide instruction at your event?  Would you like to offer GOLF IN THE WORKPLACE education and instruction?  Sign-up for one of our corporate outing packages.  We will develop a package that fits your objectives, make it fun and educational, and provide value to any event.

1/2 day event - $1000

Full day event - $1800