My child is a beginner, will I need clubs at the first lesson?

While we truly believe each child should have their own set of clubs, in the beginning it is not necessary.  We will train them using our clubs while getting them properly fit for their own set in the near future.  Once they reach level 2, it is imperative that they have their own, fitted set, to use.

When should my child consider competing in tournaments?

Tournament play is very different from casual golf.  The heightened emotions that come along with competition will normally exacerbate any flaws.  Furthermore, the gap between skill level can present an emotional problem for the players.

We recommend that you go through the ICE GOLF JPD levels and use them according to this structure: Level 1 is an introduction to golf, Level 2 is an introduction to playing on-course, and Level 3 is an introduction to competition.  Once a student reaches Level 3, they should have the necessary skills to participate in competitions.

How long will it take before my child can win a tournament?

There is no guarantee in winning.  To achieve this level of play, there are many variables that need to be in place.  There is, however, a way to increase the probability.

Our programs are designed to give each student, depending on their level of commitment, the training they require to achieve what the wish to achieve.  Should a child wish to win tournaments, it is recommended that those children utilize the COMPETE or and of the ELEVATE programs.  This will ensure the proper amount of time and training is given to achieve their goals.  

Should a student enroll in one of these programs, depending on their level of commitment, it can be expected that in one year, they will begin to be competitive and within two, can win a tournament.