Junior Golf Programs

Each of these programs have been developed with the students' development in mind.  From the casual beginner introduction to the rigorous advanced training, you can rest assured that your junior golfer will receive exactly what they need.


TPC Program (Train Play Compete)

The Train Play Compete (TPC) Program was founded with the idea to give each junior golfer what they need based on their level of commitment and desire to playing great golf.  While individual lessons can be quite costly, the TPC Program brings lessons and practices together among a small group, to curb the cost.


Summer Camps

New for 2019!

We are excited to be part of the PGA JUNIOR CAMPS family!

To learn more, and to register, click below…



One of the most amazing and innovative programs for junior golf. The PGA Junior League brings team play to golf and bridges the gap between advanced and beginner golfers. A program where ALL are welcome!

ICE Juniors League

Will Return for Fall 2019 and an even more engaging format!

Join us in our competitive Spring League.  This is a great opportunity for your child to compete against other junior golfers in their respective skill level.

Click here for Current Standings 2019 Spring Standings

Not sure what your schedule is this week?  Click the link below to see the practice, assessment and tournament schedule.