“The Dr. Phil of Golf”

I'm a coach by second profession in another sport, and I can assure you Vincent has a special gift and has developed a teaching method that is undeniably genius. I've also been playing golf for about 8 years and have taken numerous lessons from multiple teachers, and in just TWO lessons I understand more about the golf swing and the importance of mental training than I have in all of those 8 years combined! The way he equips you to build a solid game is so intelligent that Ican even practice things I learn at my job in a very confined space. I'm glad I found "The Dr. Phil of Golf" as I like to call him - can't wait for my next lesson!.

— Brian G.

“Golf...from interest to love”

Vincent has been teaching my daughter now for six months and his strategy and lesson plan has shown remarkable grown in her game. She is 13 years old and decided she wanted to learn the game of golf and play on the girls team in high school when she attends in the fall of 2016. Within just short amount of time Vinny has taken the game of golf from just an interest into a game she absolutely loves now. I would highly recommend Vinny and the structure he has established with the ICE Golf Academy.

— Nick L.


“Best Kept Secret”

Ok Florida , I am now about to tell you about one of Florida's best kept secrets when it comes to improving your golf game. I traveled from Michigan to Florida and had a one on one golf lesson with Vince . I can't say enough about the techniques that Vince thought me and how he corrected some of my bad habits that other so called golf coaches gave me in the past. I am now back home in Michigan and I beat up on 4 of my friends that use to beat me. I would encourage anyone who is serious about improving their golf game to book a lesson with Vince . He is patient , professional and he knows what he is doing when it comes to golf.

— Raymond R.

“The Process and Putting it Together”

I've been playing golf with vinny for almost 6 months now and I have enjoyed every lesson. I really like the way he teaches, it helps me understand the process and putting everything together.

— Sami L.


“Patient, caring, and works well with kids”

Amazing Instructor! He is very patient, caring, and works very well with kids to reach their potential and beyond. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn to play golf or needs help with their existing skills. 

— Jennifer S.

“Awesome Experience”

"Awesome Experience!! Vincent is very good at teaching anyone the golf swing. I'm very happy with making my decision on Vincent being my golf instructor. In my past I been a lot of golf lessons like golf tech and lot of private lessons. Vincent is by far the best teacher that I ever used. Vincent actually care about making you better with a great personality. He teaches the golf swing and makes it easy to learn that will make you want to come back and learn more. Do yourself a favor and use Vincent to teach you the swing and fitness of golf."

— Bryan L.


Loved by Golfers Nationwide