Vincent Burbank, PGA

Vincent Burbank, PGA

Philanthropy and Good Will are the cornerstones of a person’s character
— Vincent D. Burbank, PGA

It's not just a is a way of life!

Golf has a plethora of advantages.  These advantages are hidden within the idiosyncrasies of the game.  You can find these elements such as:

Respect - Encouragement for playing competitors to "Play Well" as well as encouragement when things are going badly (ties in with Etiquette).

Etiquette - Greeting your playing competitors and final farewells complete with hand shakes in addition to proper shot order function at the core of golf etiquette.

Responsibility - Showing up on time for a tee time and taking care of your own equipment.

Integrity - Keeping your own score and calling penalties on yourself reveals the character present deep within.

Patience - Taking the time to analyze all the outside influences of the current shot and to coordinate that with the people around you.

Individualism - Small things such as putting your identifying mark on a golf ball to the larger notion that you are the only person responsible for your performance.


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