What does ICE stand for?

This question can be answered in many different ways.  The most apparent would the acronym of I.C.E. but the acronym also tells what we "stand for". ICE stands for Identity, Character, and Excellence.  

In order to be great at anything you do, you must first know who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and how to utilize what you have to succeed at this moment in time.  You are then finding your true IDENTITY

Once you take a hard look in the mirror and see these traits about yourself, you can use this information to create a plan to change; to be better.  Before you begin to notice change, you will need strong CHARACTER traits to see this change through.  Confidence, Resilience, Belief, and Motive to name a few.  

Finally, after following the first two steps; while keeping your head down and working; while trusting a process; you will begin to see EXCELLENCE blossoming from the dirt you worked in, fertilized and fed with effort and sweat; you will see the NEW YOU.  Seeing yourself blossom will feed the desire to continue the process and exercise of IDENTIFYING and BUILDING CHARACTER to create EXCELLENCE.

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