US Kids Golf - Top 50 Teacher Award

Every year, US Kids Golf selects 50 of the top teachers for juniors.  This is a very prestigious award and identifies those teachers committed to junior development.

This year, coach Vince was nominated for the award.  While we wish we could applaud the acceptance to this honorable class, we are no less excited to be given an Honorable Mention for this award.  

We look to always be the front-runner in instruction for Junior Golf by offering instruction that is second-to-none and education and opportunities that encompass the entirety of playing the game.  From Technique and Fitness, to Course and Behavior Management, we train our students to be experts.  We continue this with application-based initiatives so the students learn to use what they have learned in a competitive environment.  Lastly, we identify areas needed for improvement using advanced metrics so that each student has a clear, objective view of their game.

Thank you to US Kids Golf and we look forward to becoming one of the top 50 next year!